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Retribution Aura/dev +Retribution looms for those beyond redemption.  +


TCG Heroes of Azeroth/1 +"I'd lay off the short jokes if ye want me to keep ye alive, laddie."  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/10 +The sky itself trembles at his call.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/101 +"Leave nothing to chance." - The Assassin's Creed, Chapter 1  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/102 +Is adds injury to insult.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/105 +Not especially glamorous, true; but it gets the job done.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/106 +The air crackled with electricity as the bolt leapt from body to body, leaving the scent of charred flesh in its wake.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/107 +"Amusing, that those who do not embrace the land will be themselves embraced by it."  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/109 +There is only one kind of cold the dwarves of Dun Morogh fear.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/11 +For some, darkness is a source of fear. For others, darkness is all they know.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/113 +Shamans know that lightning can strike twice in the same place.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/114 +It is as with Mannoroth's blood curse - a spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/117 +“Storm, earth, and fire, heed my call!"  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/12 +In life, Omedus was a handsome scholar. The plague was not kind to him.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/13 +Azeroth's darkest places offer great rewards to those willing to traverse them.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/14 +Vicious and cunning; like hunter, like pet.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/15 +"You play wit da fire, mon, you gonna get da burn!"  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/16 +The most powerful druids know their greatest strength lies in versatility.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/19 +"If one of us should fall in battle, our brothers and sisters shall rally tenfold!" - Moonshadow  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/198 +"Let's do this!"  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/2 +Who would believe fel magic could hide behind such a face?  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/20 +The vines grew angry, as if every weed of Azeroth sought revenge upon those who would destroy their fertile home.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/209 +Her looks can be disarming.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/22 +The druids' reverence for nature allows them to bestow wonderous gifts upon their allies.  +
TCG Heroes of Azeroth/23 +Energy surged through her body like a raging river.  +
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