"Doc" Schweitzer
"I TAKE Candle!"
"Let the Fires Come!" (Horde)
"Let the Fires Come!" (Alliance)
"Pretty Boy" Duncan
*Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*
... It Will Come
... and Bugs
... and a Batch of Ooze
3rd Officer Kronkar
7th Legion Telescope
A Baying of Gnolls
A Better Vantage
A Binding Contract
A Blight Upon the Land
A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too (Alliance)
A Boar's Vitality
A Bone to Pick
A Boon for the Powerful
A Bottle of Whoop Gnash!
A Boyhood Dream
A Breath of Fresh Air
A Budding Young Surgeon
A Bundle of Trouble
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Horde)
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Alliance)
A Case of Crabs
A Charitable Donation
A City Under Siege
A Colleague's Aid
A Collection of Heads
A Coward's Due
A Crumpled Up Note
A Dark Threat Looms (3)
A Dark Threat Looms (2)
A Dark Threat Looms (4)
A Dark Threat Looms (5)
A Dark Threat Looms
A Dark Threat Looms (7)
A Dark Threat Looms (6)
A Dark Threat Looms quest chain
A Daughter's Embrace
A Daughter's Love
A Daughter's Love (Old)
A Deadly New Ally
A Deal With a Dragon
A Decisive Strike
A Delivery for Neeralak
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Andorhal +30,120  +
Arathi Highlands +6,000  +
Ashenvale +7,000  +
Azjol-Nerub +20,000  +
Azshara +120,000  +
Badlands +2,000  +
Barrens +17,000  +
Borean Tundra +28,500  +
Brewnall Village +80  +
Burning Steppes +3,000  +
Caer Darrow +875  +
Coldarra +507  +
Coldridge Valley +1,860  +
Crystalsong Forest +141  +
Darnassus +15,000  +
Deadwind Pass +1,000  +
Desolace +11,000  +
Dragonblight +800  +
Dun Morogh +30,000  +
Durotar +21,000  +
Duskwood +5,000  +
Dustwallow Marsh +12,000  +
Eastern Plaguelands +45,000  +
Elwynn Forest +10,000  +
Eye (Maelstrom) +80,000  +

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