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Abyssal Depths +None  +
Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom +Dictatorial monarchy  +
Alterac +Hereditary monarchy  +
Ancient Kalimdor +Various, including<br />Absolute monarchies (Night elven empire, mogu empire)<br />Theocracies (Troll tribes)  +
Andorhal +Monarchy  +
Ashenvale +Elected council  +
Azjol-Nerub +Monarchy  +
Azshara +Monarchy Democracy  +
Azuremyst Isle +Theocracy  +
Bladespire Citadel +Tribal Cheifdom  +
Blasted Lands +Primarily tyrannical law within tribes.  +
Borean Tundra +Tribal  +
Burning Steppes +Tyrannical dictatorships  +
Caer Darrow +Anarchy  +
Cape of Stranglethorn +None  +
Central Kalimdor +Tribal chiefdom<br />Spiritual hierarchy <br />Elected council  +
Coldarra +Monarchy  +
Coldridge Valley +Hereditary monarchy (Dwarves)  +
Crystalsong Forest +None  +
Dalaran +Magocracy  +
Dalaran (Broken Isles) +Magocracy  +
Dalaran (Deadwind Pass) +Magocracy  +
Darkshore +Elected Council  +
Darnassus +Theocracy  +
Deepholm +None  +

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