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Prismatic Black Diamond is a Jewelcrafting recipe that converts a [Black Diamond] into one of several types of cut gem.

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The recipe for this item is learned from Master and Grand Master Jewelcrafting trainers.

Materials required

The result is one of the following varieties of socketing gems from among recipes requiring Jewelcrafting skill between about 300 and 325:

  • Bold Blood Garnet (+5 Strength)
  • Brilliant Blood Garnet (+5 Intellect)
  • Delicate Blood Garnet (+5 Agility)
  • Solid Azure Moonstone (+9 Stamina)
  • Sparkling Azure Moonstone (+10 Spirit)

**Note that there is no item by the name of Prismatic Black Diamond. By using this recipe, you directly convert the Black Diamond to the cut gem.

Notes Edit

As stated, the resulting gems are "Burning Crusade Green" gems. As this is one of only a very few recipes that use Black Diamonds, this recipe may be a comparatively economical means of increasing your Jewelcrafting skill from 300 to 320 (the range it best gives skill points).

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