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A priest trainer is an NPC that offers priests the opportunity to train and learn ranks of spells, including talent-based abilities. There are 41 Priest trainers, more than any other class, and they are the only class whose trainers can be found in every racial capital.

Alliance 32 Alliance Trainers Edit

Location Priest Trainers
Aldrassil, Teldrassil
(Night elf starting location)
IconSmall Night Elf Female Shanda (10)
Dolanaar, Teldrassil IconSmall Night Elf Female Laurna Morninglight (21)
The Temple of the Moon, Darnassus IconSmall Night Elf Female Lariia (40)
IconSmall Night Elf Female Jandria (50)
IconSmall Night Elf Female Astarii Starseeker (60)
IconSmall Night Elf Female Priestess Alathea (60)
Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh IconSmall Human Male Allen Bright (45)
Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
(Human starting location)
IconSmall Human Female Priestess Anetta (5)
Lion's Pride Inn, Goldshire, Elwynn Forest IconSmall Human Female Priestess Josetta (13)
Cathedral of Light, Cathedral Square, Stormwind IconSmall Human Male Brother Benjamin (40)
IconSmall Human Male Brother Joshua (50)
IconSmall Human Female High Priestess Laurena (60)
The Park, Stormwind IconSmall Night Elf Female Nara Meideros (30)
Anvilmar, Dun Morogh
(Dwarf starting location)
IconSmall Dwarf Male Branstock Khalder (5)
Thunderbrew Distillery, Kharanos, Dun Morogh IconSmall Dwarf Male Maxan Anvol (10)
Hall of Mysteries, The Mystic Ward, Ironforge IconSmall Dwarf Male Toldren Deepiron (40)
IconSmall Dwarf Female Braenna Flintcrag (50)
IconSmall Dwarf Male Theodrus Frostbeard (60)
IconSmall Dwarf Male High Priest Rohan (60)
Bc icon Crash Site, Azuremyst Isle
(Draenei starting location)
IconSmall Draenei Male Zalduun (6)
Bc icon Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle IconSmall Draenei Male Guvan (6)
Bc icon The Vault of Lights, the Exodar IconSmall Draenei Male Izmir (40)
IconSmall Draenei Male Fallat (50)
IconSmall Draenei Male Caedmos (60)

Horde 32 Horde Trainers Edit

Location Priest Trainers
Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades
(Undead starting location)
IconSmall Undead Male Dark Cleric Duesten (5)
Gallows' End Tavern, Brill, Tirisfal Glades IconSmall Undead Male Dark Cleric Beryl (17)
The War Quarter, Undercity IconSmall Undead Male Father Lankester (40)
IconSmall Undead Male Father Lazarus (50)
IconSmall Banshee Aelthalyste (60)
Valley of Trials, Durotar
(Troll starting location)
IconSmall Troll Male Ken'jai (10)
Razor Hill Barracks, Razor Hill, Durotar IconSmall Troll Female Tai'jin (18)
Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar IconSmall Troll Male Ur'kyo (40)
IconSmall Troll Male X'yera (50)
IconSmall Troll Male Zayus (60)
Bc icon The Sunspire, Eversong Woods
(Blood elf starting location)
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Matron Arena (5)
Bc icon Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods IconSmall Blood Elf Male Ponaris (12)
Bc icon Sunfury Spire, Silvermoon IconSmall Blood Elf Female Belestra (40)
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Lotheolan (50)
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Aldrae (60)
Pools of Vision, Thunder Bluff IconSmall Undead Male Miles Welsh (40)
IconSmall Undead Male Malakai Cross (50)
IconSmall Undead Male Father Cobb (60)
Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara IconSmall Goblin Female Sister Goldskimmer (25)

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