This could be turned into a racial leveling guide, or, as it stands, a shadow priest specific leveling guide. Also, it needs to be renamed or something. All of the useful information that was previously contained on this page was merged with the Shadow Priest PvP Guide.

Night Elf Shadow Priest Edit

Level 1 - 5 Edit

Level 5 - 10 Edit

Level 10 - 15 Edit

  • Leave Darnassus and head to Auberdine (complete the gryphon quest, too)
  • Bind in Auberdine
  • Get the Fishing quest and learn Fishing and complete the quest (the same NPC gives the quest, gives the skill, and provides fishing poles and bait)
  • Complete all quests up to the last Buzzbox quest in order; you should be level 15 now and have Honored status with Darnassus

Level 15 - 20 Edit

Level 20 - 25 Edit

Level 25 - 30 Edit

Level 30 - 35 Edit

Level 35 - 40 Edit

Level 40 - 45 Edit

Level 45 - 50 Edit

Level 50 - 55 Edit

Level 55 - 60 Edit

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