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As priests are mana based spell-casters, their abilities vary greatly. This is dependent on choices of specialization. For instance healers focus more on healing, protection, buffing and the removal of harmful buffs, wheres Shadow priests are experts in direct and damage over time, as well as indirect healing.

Core abilities Edit



Power Word Shield

Power Word: Shield

Ability Min Level
Shoot Starts with
Smite Starts with
Shadow Word: Pain 3
Power Word: Shield 5
Flash Heal 7
Resurrection 18
Power Word: Fortitude 22
Fade 24
Dispel Magic 26
Ability Min Level
Mind Sear 28
Shackle Undead 32
Levitate 34
Mind Vision 42
Shadowfiend 42
Fear Ward 54
Prayer of Mending 68
Mass Dispel 72
Leap of Faith 84

Glyph-taught Edit

Icon Ability Source
Spell shadow soothingkiss [Confession] Glyph of Confession

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