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Valley of Trials 1-6 Edit

Introduction Edit

Valley of Trials is the starting point for orcs and trolls, it is located within Durotar. If you are tauren you must travel through the barrens and then head south through Razor Hill. Remember if you're are race other than troll or orc the towns in Durotar might not have your class trainer.

Goal Edit

  • Leave the area at or near level 6.

Preparation Edit

None required.

Notes Edit

  • Pick up all stackables items and items that you can equip only.
  • Every time you go back to town unload your pack onto the vendors.
  • Kill all things in your path except for critters.
  • Train new skills at level 1,4, and 6

Start Edit

  1. Accept the quest straight in front of you and run into the cove and complete it.
  2. Accept Cutting Teeth run north and kill the boars until you have enough for the quest.
  3. Run to 40.62 and accept Sarkoth.
  4. Go to 39.66 and kill Sarkoth. (Remember to kill all mobs in your path)
  5. Go back to 40.62 and turn in Sarkoth. Accept Sarkoth pt2
  6. Run back to the Valley of Trials town area and turn in Sarkoth pt2 and Cutting Teeth.
  7. Accept Sting of the Scorpid, Lazy Peons, Vile Familiars, and Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise.
  8. Run north of the guy that gives Sarkoth and make your way east doing your quests, but not entering the cave.
  9. Go turn in Sting of the Scorpid, Lazy Peons, Vile Familiars, and Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise back in the town area.
  10. Accept Burning Blade Medallion and Thazz'ril's Pick.
  11. Go far north and enter those caves and do Burning Blade Medallion and Thazz'ril's Pick. (The pick is located east of the waterfall.)
  12. Hearth back to the town area and turn in Burning Blade Medallion and Thazz'ril's Pick.
  13. Accept Report to Sen'jin Village and then leave Valley of Trials and head southeast to Sen'jin Village at 55.74
  • If you did all the quests I mentioned and grinded from place to place then you should be level 6 by now.

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