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Notes Edit

General Notes Edit

  • The first three times you level (level 2, 4 and 6) you could talk to the trainer in the large circular building from which you spawned.
  • Afterwards, when gaining a new even level, train from your respected trainer west of Silvermoon city.
  • When you've left Sunstrider Isle, set your [Hearthstone] to the Ruins of Silvermoon's inn, then, to Fairbreeze Village to make travel time shorter.
  • Always get available quests from around the area you are in, even if you haven't scheduled to finish the quest until later.
  • If you're not a Blood Elf you will not be able to get all these quests, as they're intended to be done by blood elf characters.

Walkthrough Edit

Sunstrider IsleEdit

  • Firstly, grab the quest Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle and start killing mana wyrms.
  • When this quest is completed, you should be level 2 and several quests are open.
    • Thirst Unending
      • Begin by mana tapping mana wyrms on cooldown when you leave the hub.
    • A Fistful of Slivers
    • Unfortunate Measures
      • You can head south and kill any lynx to gain the collars needed for this quest.
    • A class training quest that leads to Well Watcher Solanian then to Solanian's Belongings
      • Solanian's Journal is located near a large green crystal surrounded by mana wyrms. Location 37,24
      • Solanian's Scroll is located to the west, on the same platform as the fountain. Location 31,22
      • Solanian's Orb is located to the south on a platform overlooking the pond. Location 35,28
    • The Shrine of Dath'Remar
      • The shine is located far west and northwest of the fountain. Location 29, 19
    • If you are a warlock, also pick up Windows to the Source for your imp. Do this later.
  • Head back to the hub and turn all quests in.

Falthrien AcademyEdit

Final Edit

  • Head south east and across the bridge to the main Eversong Woods area. You should be level 6.

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