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Poor is the lowest level of item quality below Common and also the lowest level of battle pet quality below Common.

Items Edit

  • The names of poor quality items will appear in gray.
  • Equippable items of poor quality usually have no attribute bonuses or stats besides basic Armor or Damage. Only new characters will find these items useful.
  • Poor quality items cannot be disenchanted.
  • Poor quality items are often called "Vendor Trash", "Junk", or simply "grays".
  • Except for equippable items, readable items, and [Noboru's Cudgel], poor quality items have no use and can safely be sold to vendors.
  • Poor quality items are rarely given as quest rewards.
    There are only 6 quest reward items, see Wowhead for details.
  • The web color code for poor itemlinks is #9d9d9d.

Battle pets Edit

  • The names of Poor quality battle pets will appear in gray.
  • They should have the worst initial stats compared to any other quality of battle pets.

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