Pools of Aggronar (northern side)

The Pools of Aggonar, located in the northern part of Hellfire Peninsula, is the home of Arazzius the Cruel. An eredar warlock and loyal servant of Kil'jaeden — an officer of the Burning Legion — Arazzius resides at his throne on the top of the mountain, protected by many demons. The pools were once a sacred place for the draenei, but were corrupted by the blood of the dying pit lord, Aggonar. The cause of his death is unknown, but his demonic aura quickly corrupted the once holy site and now only his bones remain as a testament to his fate. A Draenei Anchorite tries to cleanse the pools at the Altar of Aggonar with the help of a Draenei Paladin and two Draenei Vindicators.

Quest Notes Edit

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