Polearm Specialization

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The Polearm is essentially a defensive weapon, designed to keep it's wielder out of reach of the enemy, while providing the reach needed to still cause considerable harm to the enemy. Unlike most melee weapons, a Polearm wielder must not only ensure the enemy is close enough, but also far enough away.

The real mastery of the Polearm lies in fooling the enemy to charge headlong at the wielder, and then being able to dig the haft into the ground at just the right moment and just the right angle. Done correctly, the enemy's own momentum then becomes his downfall...

This talent was merged into Poleaxe Specialization, along with the similar talent Axe Specialization (warrior talent)


Polearm Specialization increases the chance a Warrior causes a Critical Hit, while wielding a Polearm or Spear.

It is a passive Arms talent, and automatically increases the Crit chance while holding a polearm.

Prequisites: Arms 25

Rank Effect
Rank 1/5 +1% Chance
Rank 2/5 +2% Chance
Rank 3/5 +3% Chance
Rank 4/5 +4% Chance
Rank 5/5 +5% Chance


Identical to the Axe Specialization talent, this adds to a crit-oriented build. Combine with Berserker Stance, Cruelty and various items to gain the most Crit chance possible.

It is worth noting that thottbot currently lists only 41 Polearm items, of any quality, but over 500 Axe items, so actually finding a decent Polearm to use this talent with might be very difficult. Polearms are also exlusively two-handed, ruling out dual wield, or shield use.

In general, Axe Specialization allows for greater versatility.

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