Poisonous Skitterer can be found in Naxxramas. They cannot be tamed by a hunter.


Roaming the halls of the Spider Wing in Naxxramas, these hungry beasts will devour your group with their overwhelming numbers.


  • Attack in packs.
  • Can Crit Cloth for about 1300.
  • Approximatively 15000 Health Point


Shield wall and Challenging Shout are old-favorites. Use Area Effect damage to take these down fast. Healers should be sure to keep your cloth-wearers alive.

This is when that Necro-Knight's Garb really shines.

Another Take: We had little success with AOE taunt/Shield Wall, it usually ended up with our entire raid dead. Here's a better plan: Pally runs in with shield and aggroes all the spiders. send 2/3's of your warriors in to grab a few spiders each, with the other 1/3 standing among the clothies to pick up any that aggro healing. Assist a few spiders down, then ranged aoe the rest. No one dies, mana stays up, the pack goes down quick. (The pally pull isn't entirely neccessary.)

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