For the Warcraft III unit, see Gnoll Poacher.
Gnoll poacher face
Gnoll poacher

Gnoll poachers are the light scouts of gnoll society and are responsible for finding appropriate targets for raids. Often they have green-brown pelts to help them blend in with the foliage as they creep forward with a light crossbow held at ready. They tend to be thin, small, and very wiry. They tend to be picked on by the other gnolls. This treatment makes them some of the meanest gnolls, and they are most prone to playing with their victims. They will always defer to other gnolls, but are known to get revenge if wronged. Gnoll poachers like to strike from cover and ambush, but will flee a stand-up fight. They prefer to leave hand-to-hand combat to brutes when possible. Poachers are very practiced at singling out a target on which to combine their fire, usually the unarmed one in the back trying to cast a spell.[1]

In Warcraft IIIEdit

Some Gnoll Poachers were Mechanical units fighting the Undead Scourge.

They appear in the following missions:

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