See [Play Dead] for the ability given to feral druids who use [Symbiosis] ability on a hunter.

This was an ability used by druids in vanilla Beta but was removed prior to release.[citation needed]

Speculation Edit

  • A Druid ability
  • used in Cat Form perhaps
  • Reduction in aggro?
  • Perhaps related to Hunter's Feign Death?

It was indeed a feign death, only usable in cat form. I cannot remember the cooldown on it at this point since it was so long ago, but I remember it being SO useful back in the day. Come to think of it, I also remember Play Dead getting resisted a fair bit, but when it worked, it was certainly a life saver. -- Kiireih. Server:Spirestone US

Play dead was exactly the same as the hunter feign death. In fact, thats why they took it away, to give hunters. Lorenthel. Server:Kilrogg US

In fact, it is completely possible this spell existed solely to test the threat-wipe type of skills before it was given to Hunters as Feign Death. After all, Hunters were the last class added to the beta. Barghest, Server:Agamaggan US

Notes Edit