Plagued Grain Crate

That's not good.

Plagued Grain Crates appear in Old Stratholme once [Arcane Disruptor] has been used on Suspicious Grain Crates.


When the illusion is dispelled an npc will walk up and take notice.

Crate 1
Roger Owens says: Ok, enough work for now. Time for refreshments and little converstaion in the inn.
Roger Owens says: Wait, what's that smell?
Roger Owens says: Can't be me, I took a bath 3 days ago!
Roger Owens says: Oh, close call. It's just the grain here.
Roger Owens says: Wait a second. Grain isn't supposed to smell like THAT! I better go find a guard.
Crate 2
Sergeant Morigan says: Mr. Perelli, have you seen any suspicious activity by men wearing dark robes in the last few weeks?
Silvio Perelli says: No, sir.
Sergeant Morigan says: You don't mind me checking out your merchandise for signs of tampering, do you?
Silvio Perelli says: No, sir.
Sergeant Morigan says: Wait, what is this? You've been holding out on me, Perelli!
Silvio Perelli says: What are you talking about, Sergeant!
Sergeant Morigan says: I'm confiscating this suspicious grain, Perelli. We were looking for signs of tampered food, and it would be in your best interest to stay put while Prince Arthas checks this out.
Silvio Perelli says: You have to believe me, I'm innocent!
Sergeant Morigan says: We'll see about that, Perelli. We'll see about that.
Crate 3
Jena Anderson says: Martha, I'm out of flour for bread. You wouldn't happen to have any grain from that recent shipment, would you?
Martha Goslin says: Oh hello, Jena. Of course you can borrow some grain. Help yourself.
Jena Anderson says: Thanks, Martha! I owe you one.
Jena Anderson says: Oh, dear.
Jena Anderson says: Martha, something's wrong with this grain! Some of the Prince's soldiers were looking for this. I'm going to go look for one.
Martha Goslin says: Oh, my.
Crate 4
Malcolm Moore says: Looks like a storm's coming in, Scruffy...
Scruffy begins to growl...
Malcolm Moore says: What's wrong, pal?
Malcolm Moore says: What did you find, boy?
Malcolm Moore says: This is no good, Scruffy. Stay here and guard the house, I need to go find a soldier.
Crate 5
Bartleby Battson says: I knew I should have secured the wagon lock better when I was in Andorhal.
Bartleby Battson says: Well, guess I should load everything back into the cart.
Bartleby Battson says: Oh, come on! My cart broke, my horse lost a shoe, and now the cargo goes bad!
Bartleby Battson says: I guess I'll go find the authorities. If I'm lucky they'll tell me it's the plague and that we're all going to die.

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