Plague Spreaders can be found in Duskwood. They are presumed to be the first undead minions to enter duskwood, spreading the plague and blighting the area.

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Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Drop%
Inv fabric silk 01 [Silk Cloth]30337%
Inv misc monstertail 03 [Nightcrawlers]20163%
Inv fabric wool 01 [Wool Cloth]15133%
Inv misc monsterfang 01 [Ghoul Fang]Availablequesticon173%
Inv misc idol 03 [Ghoul Rib]Availablequesticon154%
Inv mushroom 08 [Spongy Morel]2547%
Inv drink 09 [Melon Juice]2522%
Inv potion 51 [Healing Potion]2213%
Inv potion 71 [Lesser Mana Potion]247%
Inv misc book 09 [An Old History Book]Availablequesticon203%
Inv scroll 01 [Scroll of Spirit II]253%
Inv scroll 07 [Scroll of Protection II]252%
Inv box 01 [Battered Junkbox]202%
Inv scroll 07 [Scroll of Stamina II]302%
Inv misc gem crystal 01 [Lesser Moonstone]302%
Inv scroll 01 [Scroll of Intellect II]302%

Availablequesticon Quest items dropped by Plague Spreaders.

Also, two random uncommon items drop.

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