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Pixies or Sprites as seen in Shadows & Light

Pixies are a small race native to the Emerald Dream that share the world with a contingent of fey including sprites and the like.S&L 147

A group of pixies helped fight during the War of the Ancients. They were diminute, sword wielding men with butterfly wings. They were also demigods.Sund 186

Imps' relation to Pixies?

Kurgatok calls his imp Keb'ezil a pixy, during an exchange involving the player, in Official horde mini-icon [64] Magical Disturbances (Horde)ω τ ϖ.[1] Due to the context, it is apparent that the term pixy was used satirically, as an insult.


Pixies are winged human-like creatures often associated with England and Scotland.

Reference list

  1. ^ Magical Disturbances (Horde), World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Blizzard Entertainment. Terokkar Forest. Kurgatok: No, it wasn't my shadow bolt! Take it back, you overgrown pixy!.

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