Pilgrim's Peril (Horde)

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For the Alliance version, see Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance).
Inv bannerpvp 02 Official horde mini-icon Pilgrim's Peril 10 Money achievement
While wearing either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital's Bountiful Table.

Part of the Money achievement Pilgrim meta-achievement for Pilgrim's Bounty. IMPORTANT!!: you cannot be in combat and still take a seat, you will have to approach the tables from a way that leaves you aggro free.

  • The tables for Stormwind are just north of Goldshire, or just south of the gates to Stormwind (either table will work).
  • The tables for Ironforge are just outside the main entrance on a cliff face, it is easiest to avoid the path up and try and find another way, use the terrain and camera angles to your advantage. The tables themselves are closely surrounded by high-level guards, making it virtually impossible for a low level character to approach a chair without being attacked. Tables at nearby Kharanos will not count towards this achievement.
  • The tables for Darnassus are east of the city. Teleport in and then keep running east until you see the tables (they are near the giant tree guardians so be careful). You should be able to outrun your aggro and then go sit down.
  • The tables for Exodar are out front of the east entrance, easy to get to.

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