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|name=Pilfered Pumpkin
|flavor=Plump. Quite ready to be made into pie.
[[File:PilferedPumpkin.jpg|thumb|A Pilfered Pumpkin]]
This item is needed for the quest {{quest|Still Good!}}, given by [[Gao Summerdraft]] at the [[Dai-Lo Farmstead]] on the [[Wandering Isle]].
While they can be found in the pumpkin fields closest to the Farmstead, they can also be found discarded around the trees within the [[Virmen Grotto]]{{coords|78.1|70.8|Wandering Isle}}.
== Patch changes ==
* {{Patch 5.0.1|note=Added.}}
== External links ==
[[Category:World of Warcraft common quest items]]
[[Category:World of Warcraft common quest items]]

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