Piercing Ice is a passive Mage talent that increases the all damage done by Frost spells and effects by 2% per rank, up to 6% at rank 3. The percentage is a direct multiplier on total frost damage done, increasing overall DPS. This talent is found in most frost builds that rely on Frost spells for primary damage.

This damage multiplier stacks with another talent in the Frost tree, Arctic Winds which increases Frost damage up to 5% at max rank. Combined, the two talents increase total Frost damage by 11.3% (bonuses are multiplied, not added).

This talent will affect the damage numbers which show in the tooltips of all frost spells.

Rank table Edit

Rank Damage Increase
1 2%
2 4%
3 6%

Notes Edit

The damage multiplier applies to total damage, including the base damage, bonus from spell damage gear, and any other damage multipliers. The following formula gives the total damage of a frost spell, E, where B is the spell's base damage, c is the spell damage coefficient, d is the amount of spell damage the mage has, and X is the number of points in Piercing Ice. Critical strikes are not considered.

E = (1.0 + 0.02*X)(B + c*d)

Arctic Winds is a second multiplier applied in a similar way. The following formula includes Y, the number of points in Arctic Winds.

E = (1.0 + 0.01*Y)(1.0 + 0.02*X)(B + c*d)

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