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This article is about a fan created Custom Map designed on Warcraft III with the World Editor. The map contains non-Blizzard information, and events are not official.
It should not be taken as representing official lore!
  • Phat Lewt
  • WC3gold 500
  • There is no phatter lewt than this.
  • History
  • The phattest lewt, definitely.

Source Edit

Arthas can see one of these using the "iseedeadpeople" cheat code on an accessible island near the border of Path of the Darkness, chapter 1 of the Warcraft III Undead campaign episode 2, custom map War of the Ice. It is on the ground by a destroyed frigate, and guarded by two Bandit Lords. It can ever actually be obtained in-game in the singleplayer campaign.

In practice, Phat Lewt is used throughout the campaign as an "inventory slot filler" for non-player heroes. Phat Lewt is flagged as the most powerful item in the game despite not actually doing anything, thus AI heroes will never drop the item. Many heroes have 1 to 6 Phat Lewts in their inventories throughout the campaign, but they are always invisible to players.

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