Perpetual Purple Firework

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This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Inv misc missilesmall purple
Inv misc missilesmall purple
Perpetual Purple Firework is a trinket that allows you to fire off a display of purple fireworks every 30 seconds.


This item is a reward from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game UDE points system. It has a pricetag of 3,000 UDE points. At 100 points per booster pack the estimated price of this trinket is $270 USD at a price of $9 per booster.


The trinket has its own unique fireworks display found that is found nowhere else ingame. The pricetage of this trinket has been lowered from 10,000 UDE points, to 3,000 UDE points.

Patch 2.0.3 is said to have made this trinket epic, however this trinket is still reported to be common as of patch 2.0.6.

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