Inv scroll 03
  • Pattern: Runecloth Bag
  • Item Level 55
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires Tailoring (260)
  • "Teaches you how to sew a Runecloth Bag."
  • Sell Price: 30Silver
  • Vendor 1Gold 20Silver


This item can be purchased for 1Gold 20Silver from Qia <Trade Supplies> in Winterspring. ~Needs verification, as of 5-26-14 spending an hour there it never showed.~

This is the correct spot, I spent 3 hours one night before bed checking it every 15 mins, never seen one, next day logged in, checked it on the eights as stated below, and it did spawn close to 28 for me, I did buy all the other random recipes that popped up, the second time around. (12/6/17)


Informal experimentation suggests that this pattern spawns in the vendor's inventory about every ten minutes on the 8's (i.e. 1:48, 1:58, 2:08, 2:18). It persists in her inventory only a short time, so if you are having difficulty getting the pattern, try checking at these times.

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