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[[Category:World of Warcraft tailoring pattern items|Green Woolen Bag]]
[[Category:World of Warcraft uncommon items]]
[[Category:World of Warcraft tailoring pattern items|Green Woolen Bag]]</noinclude><noinclude>
[[Category:World of Warcraft uncommon items]]</noinclude>

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Inv scroll 03
  • Pattern: Green Woolen Bag
  • Requires Tailoring (95)
  • Use: Teaches you how to sew a Green Woolen Bag
  • [Green Woolen Bag]
  • Requires Bolt of Woolen Cloth (4) Green Dye (1) Fine Thread (1)

Pattern: Green Woolen Bag drops off creatures with levels between 10 and 20 and teaches tailors how to make Green Woolen Bag.

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