Patricia O'Reilly is a level 70 human found in Festival Lane in Old Stratholme. She's currently turning citizens away from the town hall, before it gets out of hand.


When approached you see a mob of Agitated Stratholme Citizens and Residents around her:

Agitated Stratholme Citizen: We want to speak to the magistrate!
Agitated Stratholme Resident: We need leadership!
Patricia O'Reilly: The magistrate is very busy.
Agitated Stratholme Citizen: What are we supposed to do?!
Agitated Stratholme Resident: Stop hiding, Barthilas!
Patricia O'Reilly: Please, return to your homes.
Agitated Stratholme Citizen: Where's Barthilas?!
Agitated Stratholme Resident: Let us through!
Patricia O'Reilly: Please, return to your homes.
Agitated Stratholme Resident: We'll drag you out here if we have to!
Patricia O'Reilly: Magistrate Barthilas is unavailable at the moment...
Patricia O'Reilly: Everyone, please remain calm...

When you enter the building without her permission:

Patricia O'Reilly: Come back; we're not open!
Patricia O'Reilly: Don't disturbe the magistrate, please!

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