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Undocumented changes Edit

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Darkmoon Faire Edit

  • New companions/battle pets.[1]
  • New pet battle contest against Jeremy Feasel and his three pets: Honky-Tonk, Fezwick the Darkmoon Monkey, and Judgement the Darkmoon Eye.[1]
  • The northernmost tent at the Darkmoon Faire is open. It's a carousel that gives the buff,[2]
  • Wrathion quest line.[3]

Scenarios Edit

  • Dagger in the Dark[4]
    • Speak with Vol'jin - Speak with Vol'jin to begin the search for the Saurok cave.
    • Escort Vol'jin to the Saurok Cave - Find the entrance to the Saurok Cave.
    • Guards! - Defeat the Saurok guarding the cave.
    • Ride the Boat
    • Investigate the Source of the Saurok
    • Defeat the Saurok Broodmaster
    • Investigate the Mogu Statues
    • Fend off the Kor'kron Ambush
  • Battle on the High Seas[4]
    • Boarding Party! - Protect the Ship! Defeat the Horde Boarding party.
    • Destroy the Horde Ship! - Plant explosives on the Horde Ship to destroy it!
    • Defeat the Captain!
  • A Little Patience[4]
    • By order of the King - Speak with King Varian Wrinn
    • Prepare the Defenses - Assist the laborers in the construction of their defenses.
    • Kill Commander Scargore
  • Lion's Landing[4]
    • Under Siege - Assist the Beleaguered Defenders of Lion's Landing.
    • Vanguard Commander - Defeat the leader of the Keep assault.
    • Recapture the Cannons - Recapture the fort's cannons before the enemy turns them against the keep.
    • Hold the Keep - Defeat the attack enemy commander and forces.
  • Assault on Zan'vess[4]
    • Assault on Zan'vess - Launch an assault on the island of Zan'vess.
    • Defenses of Zan'vess - Destroy the Sonic Towers and deactivate the Zan'vess Defense Shield.
    • The Heart of Zan'vess - Storm the beach and reach the Heart of Zan'vess.
    • Weapons of Zan'vess - Defeat Commander Tel'vrak and retrieve the Mantid weapon cache.
  • Diamond Island[4]
    • Infiltrate the Ancient Fortress - Destroy the orbs of protection and make your way into the fortress.
    • Stealing for Profit - Grab as much treasure as you can before the titan construct is released.

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