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World of Warcraft Client Patch 4.3.4

Patch 4.3.4 (build 15595) was released to live on April 17th, 2012. Build 15499 first appeared on the PTR around March 29th, 2012. No official announcements were made, but the 64-bit client links were updated on a PTR Discussion forum blue post[2] and a Support page was added to address 64-bit client issues.[3] The build version was updated to 15531 on April 3rd, 2012, but still no official word on what's in it.[4] Build 15595 appeared on the PTR on April 14th, 2012.

Early adopters have mentioned possible changes involving the Help System (whatever that is) and possibly BattleTag support.[5]

Official patch notes

Customer Support window Patch 4 3 4

Brand new interfaces in-game via Customer Support window to report harassment, naming violations, and potential cheating.[1]

Ticket Submission UI Improvements

  • A new Submit Bug button has been added. Clicking this option will open a report dialog box, along with basic instructions on what to include in your bug report.
  • A new Submit Suggestion button has been added. Clicking this option will open a text dialog box, along with a description of what to include in your suggestion.
  • The Report Lag button has been removed.
  • The Report Abuse button is now called Report Player.
    • The Report Player function offers four categories: Spamming, Language, Name, and Cheating.
    • Reporting a player for Cheating now opens a text window in which a description of the occurrence can be written.
    • Reporting a Name opens a window with three categories: Player Name, Guild Name, and Arena Team Name. There is also a text field for optional information.
    • Report Player now includes text and visual instructions for how to submit a report.
  • Right-clicking a character’s portrait now offers additional reporting options.


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