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PTR client

Unofficial patch changes Edit

Client Edit

  • 64-bit Windows client available for testing.[2][3]

Launcher Edit

  • The launcher appears to have an added feature to optimize your game folder and try to improve game performance/reduce the size of the install on your hard drive.[4]

Client string changes Edit

  • Parental Controls[5]
    • ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_DISCONNECT_WARNING = "You will be disconnected due to parental controls in %d |4minute:minutes;.";
    • ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_DISCONNECT_WARNING_SOON = "You will be disconnected due to parental controls in less than 1 minute.";
  • Time played
    • TIME_PLAYED_ALERT = "You have been playing for %s. Excessive gameplay can cause inconvenience in your daily life.";

Achievements Edit

Dungeons & Raids[5]
Feats of Strength

Spell changes Edit

  • [Feldrake] Summons and dismisses a rideable feldrake. This is a flying mount. 1.5 sec cast[5]
Companion pets
  • Tier 13
    • Item - Druid T13 Balance 4P Bonus (Starsurge) now also increases Starsurge damage by 10%[5]
  • Tier 13
    • Item - Paladin T13 Holy 4P Bonus (Holy Radiance) now increases healing done by Holy Radiance by 5%, down from 20%.[5]

Dungeons & Raids Edit

  • Cross-realm Raids
    • Ability to form cross-realm parties with Real ID friends to form raids to run older normal or heroic raids (excluding normal or Heroic Dragon Soul), or participate in Battlegrounds.[6]
  • Raid Finder
    • It will no longer be possible to win two of the same item for a single boss kill.[7]

References Edit

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