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Went live on August 8, 2011.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Using an instant cast spell right after a target dies should no longer re-target the dead target’s body.[2]
  • Using an ability immediately after switching targets should no longer affect the previous target.[2]
  • Resolved a movement error when jumping onto an object while experiencing a low frame rate.
  • Mac: Fixed a bug preventing shift and mouse wheel commands from registering properly.
  • Resolved issues that were causing client crashes near Beth’tilac in the Firelands.
  • Disconnecting while riding as a passenger in a vehicle should no longer cause an error upon subsequent login.
  • Entering a password with Japanese Hiragana selected as the keyboard type should no longer cause a crash.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the client to crash under certain conditions when minimizing the game client.

Items Edit

  • The tooltip color for heirloom items has been returned to gold.

Quests Edit

  • A move enforcement issue has been resolved that was affecting the death knight starting area quest Death Comes From on High.
  • Tarecgosa's platform during the cutscene from Alignment (Elemental Bonds legendary quest) should now be visible before she lands on it.

References Edit

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  2. ^ a b Zarhym 2011-08-04. #17 - Tab Target. Official General Discussion forum (US).

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