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Warcraft patch 3.2 came out on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. As with every content patch, certain changes have been made to the API. This list is an attempt at consolidating the changes, both announced and observed.
== Development Tools ==
== Development Tools ==

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This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes for Patch 3.2.0. See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

Development Tools

  • The default UI now contains versions of some popular (I may be biassed) tools for UI developers - /dump, /eventtrace, /framestack, and /reload [1]

Saved Instances

Quest Difficulty



Not sure of where these arrays live (global? FrameUI? QuestUI?), but this very subtle change broke several addons, so it's being included here

  • removed "QuestDifficultyColor" array -- Replaced by "QuestDifficultyColors" array
  • new "QuestDifficultyColors"array -- exact replacement for "QuestDifficultyColor" array

Unit Functions

  • updated or removed UnitIsPlusMob(unitID) -- (not 100% sure, but believed to have been removed)

Quest Maps

There's support for points of interest on the map associated with quests, the API functions are:

Quest API

Spell Casting

Casting Events

Spell casting events and queries indicate whether enemy spells/channeling can be interrupted:

Casting Functions

Calendar Functions

Mail functions

Gamemaster Functions

Loot Trading/Refunding

  • new END_REFUND -- triggered when a returnable item's refund period ends (or maybe would end if action performed?) [1]
  • new END_BOUND_TRADEABLE -- Not 100% sure of this is the right event name [1]
  • new EndBoundTradeable(someVar) -- inferred from staticPopupDialogs.lua [1]
  • new GetSocketItemBoundTradeable() [4]

Other Information

Other Useful Events

Combatlog Events

ChatLog Events

Inventory Events

Unit Events

GameMaster Events

Battlefield Events

Reputation Events


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