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A few clarifications and notes on the Love is in the Air Guide and the event in general.

Classes Edit

Mage Edit

Arcane Barrage spell power coefficient reduced by ~10%.

Creatures Edit

Flesh Eating Worms spawned from zombies in Duskwood have had their size increased

Glyphs Edit

Mage Glyphs Edit

Paladin Glyphs Edit

  • [Glyph of Holy Light] — Your Holy Light grants 10% of its heal amount to up to 5 friendly targets within 8 yards of the initial target. (Down from 20 yards, Tooltip text fix, was already hotfixed to 8 yards in game) [1] [2]
  • [Glyph of Seal of Righteousness] — Increases the damage done by Seal of Righteousness by 10%. (Old - Reduces the cost of your Judgment spells by 10% while Seal of Righteousness is active.) [1] [2]

Shaman Glyphs Edit

Raids & Dungeons Edit

Naxxramas Edit

Avoidance and similar effects for pets now work properly on Sapphiron's Frost Aura (Normal / Heroic). [2]

Professions Edit

Alchemy Edit

Fishing Edit

Jewelcrafting Edit


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