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This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes for Patch 3.0.8. See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

General changes Edit

  • HookScript will now function like SetScript if there is no script currently on the object.
  • Both Dropdown menus and the Vehicle Action Bar have been made less susceptible to taint.
  • Lua closures can now be directly assigned to frame scripts from XML using the following new format: <OnClick function="FunctionName"/>. The old format will continue to be supported indefinitely.
  • Several functions no longer accept unit tokens as parameters, and should now be used in conjunction with UnitName("token") instead. These functions include: AddFriend, RemoveFriend, SetFriendNotes, AddMute, DelMute, AddIgnore, DelIgnore, InviteUnit, UninviteUnit, GuildInvite, GuildUninvite, GuildPromote, GuildDemote, GuildSetLeaderByName, CalenderEventInvite
  • The secure handlers system was restricted with respect to OnUpdate/Timer handling and the ability to react to frame visibility. There is a new SetupAnimation method that addresses some of the restrictions. This change unfortunately removed some otherwise useful functionality around auto-hiding frames (and animation) but hopefully a future patch will address this.

Widget API Edit

Frame Methods Edit

  • NEW - depth = Frame:GetDepth()
  • NEW - depth = Frame:GetEffectiveDepth()
  • NEW - Frame:IgnoreDepth(ignoreFlag)
  • NEW - ignoreFlag = Frame:IsIgnoringDepth()
  • NEW - Frame:SetDepth(depth)

ScrollingMessageFrame Edit

  • NEW - enableFlag = ScrollingMessageFrame:GetHyperlinksEnabled()
  • NEW - ScrollingMessageFrame:SetHyperlinksEnabled(enableFlag)

SimpleHTML Edit

  • NEW - enableFlag = SimpleHTML:GetHyperlinksEnabled()
  • NEW - SimpleHTML:SetHyperlinksEnabled(enableFlag)

API Edit

Calendar Edit

  • NEW - CalendarContextDeselectEvent
  • NEW - monthOfs, eventDay, eventIndex = CalendarContextGetEventIndex()
  • NEW - CalendarContextSelectEvent(monthOfs, eventDay, eventIndex)
  • NEW - OpenCalendar()

Stereo Video Edit

  • NEW - available = IsStereoVideoAvailable()
  • NEW - RestoreVideoStereoDefaults()
  • See also the gxStereoEnabled, gxStereoConvergence, gxStereoSeparation CVars

Chat Management Edit

  • NEW - SetChatWindowUninteractable(id, isUninteractable)

Glyphs Edit

  • NEW - link = GetGlyphLink(glyphId)

Debugging Edit

  • NEW - ConsoleAddMessage(message)

Unknown Edit

  • NEW - GetArenaTeamGdfInfo
  • NEW - ResurrectGetOfferer
  • NEW - TargetTotem

Secure Handlers Edit

  • REMOVED - SecureHandlerShowHideTemplate
  • NEW - SecureHandlerMouseUpDownTemplate
  • NEW - SecureHandlerMouseWheelTemplate
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:IsShown()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:IsVisible()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:GetWidth()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:GetHeight()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:GetRect()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:GetScale()
  • REMOVED - FrameHandle:GetEffectiveScale()
  • Removed ability to wrap OnShow / OnHide
  • REMOVED - Control:SetTimer(elapsed, message, body)
  • REMOVED - Control:GetTIme()
  • REMOVED - Control:SetAnimating(flag, body)
  • REMOVED - Control:IsAnimating()
  • NEW - SetUpAnimation(frame, updateFunc, posBody, totalTime, postFunc, reverse) - Sets the current 'animation' function for the frame (Available update functions are Show, Hide, SetPoint, SetScale, SetHeight, SetWidth, SetAlpha)

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