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General Edit

  • Read in-game mail will now be kept for thirty days instead of three.
  • The Warlock spell Incinerate has had the performance of its graphical spell effect improved.
  • The "Show Launcher" option has changed so that it now defaults to "On". Players will now see the launcher when running WoW by default.

User Interface Edit

  • Improved the performance of conditional macros, slightly increasing the framerate.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by many unit frame AddOns.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed an issue with the movement of Archimonde's Doomfire.
  • Fixed the wand missile art on most Shadow based wands to show the correct graphical effect.
  • Infinity Blades will now despawn properly when the encounter with Kael'thas resets after a wipe.
  • Gan'arg Underlings and Felhound Defenders are now properly classified as demons.

Undocumented Changes Edit

  • Any mail between characters on the same account is now instant regardless of money or items attached.
  • Any mail sent from a character on a different account will now have a one hour delay regardless of money or items attached.
  • Shoulder Armor for the Orcs has been downsized. This however will be fixed next patch.
  • Abyssal Flamebringers in Forge Camp: Terror can now be looted normally. (Previously, they became un-lootable upon hitting the ground.)
  • Fixed troll priest bug in Al'ar encounter.
  • Hunter pets got swimming animation (instead of walking\teleporting underwater).

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