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This article lists all of Patch 2.0.3's undocumented changes. See the main article for the official list of documented changes.


  • Not all characters received a talent reset.
  • When stealthed, there is now an indicator above the heads of mobs that can see through stealth.
  • When in Aquatic Form, the view has changed to an above-the-water angle, instead of the previous below-the-water angle.
  • Barkskin now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Tree of Life changes: Now has a dancing and eating animation. Backward movement animation fixed. No longer makes a bear roar when shifting into the tree. Changes to casting animations.
  • Bears make Kitty sounds when performing Mangle.


  • Possible pet positioning bug. Need more information. (see Aoiran's post on page 2)
  • Flare now has a longer time before it actually appears on the ground, but brings targets out of stealth just the same.
  • Steam Tonk Controllers now work properly for hunters.
  • Feign Death reaction time slowed down. Doesn't kick in until animation stops.
  • Snake Ability 'Poison Spit' tweaked. Less damage, over less time, and with a longer cooldown.
  • Mousing over your own stats now tells how much your pet's stats are improved.
  • The Pet Info tab now provides the same detailed information that the character tab provides.
  • The hunter pet ability "Gore" is now in game and can be learned from boars.
  • All pet attack speeds have been normalized to 2.0.
  • Hunter's Mark no longer has a casting animation.
  • Feign Death no longer shakes off pets (bug?)
  • Hunter no longer grows in size when under the effect of The Beast Within, he/she just gets red.


  • Netherwind shoulder graphics have returned to normal and have a higher particle rate than before the original change.
  • Polymorph Resist rate increased (?)
  • Arcane missiles now does 25%less damage costing 15% less mana.


  • Crusader Strike cooldown increased to 10 seconds, from 6 seconds.
  • Vengeance talent is now 10% for 5 points, from 15%.
  • Mana cost reduced for Judgment, Cleanse and Redemption
  • Coefficients upped for Consecrate and Avenger's Shield


  • Holy fire's graphic is now back to original.
  • Holy Specialization is now correctly displayed in the spell section of the character pane.
  • Inner Focus now gets used up when casting Divine Spirit or Prayer of Spirit.


  • Not all characters received a talent reset.
  • Venomous Totem changed/nerfed.
  • Improved Backstab switches places with Improved Slice and Dice in the Combat tree.
  • Improved Sap switched places with Elusiveness in the Subtlety tree
  • Improved Sap now costs 2 points for a 100% chance to return to stealth.
  • Auto-Loot now works with Pickpocket
  • Blinding Powder has a new icon
  • When stealthed, there is now an indicator above the heads of mobs that can see through stealth.
  • Every rogue now has their own Deadly Poison debuff slot on monsters, instead of 1 for all.


  • You can now speak to NPC's in Ghost Wolf form.
  • Rockbiter ability now adds a set amount of dps (rank 4 is +9 dps). It also no longer procs on every hit.
  • Casting shaman weapon buffs no longer have an animation
  • Totemic Call added, to pick up totems.


  • Demon Armor spell cost reduced 45%
  • 10% Damage Reduction on Corruption & Curse of Agony
  • 50% Damage Reduction on Curse of Doom
  • Curse of Doom proc (summoned Doomguard) no longer despawns the current Warlock pet
  • Mousing over your own stats now tells how much your pet's stats are improved.
  • The Pet Info tab now provides the same detailed information that the character tab provides.
  • Warlock pet spells now scale with gear and talents (instead of only melee attack power).
  • Steam Tonk Controllers now work properly for Warlocks.


  • The graphical effect on a mob when Devastate is used has been greatly increased in size


  • Epic (all?) shields have had their armor and block values increased by 15%.
  • Enchantments on items have now been returned to their original green color (were white for a while).
  • Thunderfury's proc now sounds like Thunderclap.
  • Steam Tonk Controllers got a new icon and now work properly for hunters.
  • Kodos now have their 'space bar animation' back, where they look side to side and roar.
  • Helm of Valor now displays facial hair when worn. Causes some clipping issues, could be a bug.
  • The Zergling's chomping sound that was introduced in the previous patch was taken out.
  • Tonk Controller icon changed to look like a remote control
  • Tabard of Frost and Tabard of Flame are now epic.


  • High Warlord's Offhands cost reduced to 20 Marks of Honor (down from 40)
  • Level 70 Rings doubled in honor cost.
  • Mage HWL/GM Robe cost reduced to 30 AB Marks (down from 60).
  • Tauren can now ride the Black War Raptor.
  • They put the 1-minute 'gong' reminder back in to battleground queues.
  • In the Battleground Stat screen, ranks are no longer displayed. Instead, icons representing the class of the character are now shown.
  • Unused Battleground tokens can now be used to purchase Level 61 Healing and Mana potions. 2 Marks per potion.
  • Estimated honor is now showing up correctly

Trade skillsEdit

  • 'Design: Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing' is now BOP
  • Unsmelted mineral ores (Copper, Iron, Thorium, etc) now stack up to 20, increased from 10.
  • New level 1 cooking recipe "Spice Bread" available at cooking trainers
  • New cooking ingredient "Simple Flour" sold at cooking vendors
  • Charred Wolf Meat has had it's trivial level increased (still green at 84)
  • Gold Ore has a new icon.
  • Many enchantments that were previously dropped recipes can now be trained at the Master Enchanter in Uldaman.
  • New Armorsmith recipes added (Earthforged Leggings, Windforged Leggings)
  • New Dragonscale Leatherworker leg pattern added to Dragonscale trainer.


  • Quest Items can now be removed from your bank upon completion of the quest. (no longer has to be in your character's backpacks)
  • Wildhammer repeatable turn in quest removed.
  • The drop rate of arcane crystals was boosted.(?)
  • Thorium Shells are now green at 300 Engineering (was orange at 300 eng. before this patch).


  • 'Elite' quests renamed to 'Group' quests
  • Initiating Auto-Attack on a target shows an animation where the targeting circle gets bigger and then shrinks.
  • Before the patch, if you locked your toolbars, you could still move icons around using Shift + Left Click. That doesn't work now.


  • Riding Skill(150) cost reduced from 800g to 600g
  • There is no longer a Shoot Crossbow, Shoot Gun, or Shoot Bow, there is only 'Shoot.'
  • Ishar's J-Boots are slower. The ancient cyclops laughs approvingly.
  • WoW no longer works at all on laptops with Intel 915gm video chip sets.
  • Hippogryphs and Gryphons now make noises when flying,
  • Wildhammer faction removed.
  • Spirit Healers now appear on Minimap while dead.
  • All Abilities that cost a % of base mana have had their mana cost reduced.
  • Gadgetzan now has snipers on the roofs to stop people from rooftop camping.
  • Sylvanas now has a normal dialogue even when she isn't offering a quest. Before, she had no dialogue when you clicked on her.
  • Hemet Nesingwary moved from Stranglethorn Vale to Nagrand. In his place is now his son, Hemet Nesingwary Jr.

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