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Parhelion Plaza is an area inside Sunwell Plateau, it is the first zone of Sunwell Plateau and is where groups of dangerous sun-empowered mobs are found.

Parhelion Plaza 3

The main garden of the plaza.

Parhelion Plaza 2

The main entrance.

Races Edit

Trash mobs Edit

  • Volatile Fiend - Large fel imps that have a big aggro radius.
  • Sunblade Arch Mage - A mage with standard magical abilities.
  • Sunblade Cabalist - A warlock, can summon imps.
  • Sunblade Dawn Priest - A holy priest, opposite the dusk priest.
  • Sunblade Dragonhawk - A specially trained Dragonhawk.
  • Sunblade Dusk Priest - A shadow priest, opposite the dawn priest.
  • Sunblade Protector - Dangerous fel-golems, careful planning is needed around them.
  • Sunblade Scout - Scouts the gardens of the plaza, if been alerted, will run and have a nearby group of mobs attack in addition to summoning a protector.
  • Sunblade Slayer - Hunter, will melee if caught into close range.
  • Sunblade Vindicator - Warriors, physically dangerous.

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