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Prospecting and Disenchanting Aide
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~~~~ Tekkub's Addon News ~~~~

Please direct all bug reports and feature suggestions to my Google Code tracker. Bugs and feature requests posted anywhere else will be promptly forgotten! I only pay attention to bugs posted to Google Code.

All discussion for my addons should be directed at my Google Group. You can find packaged releases on the sites linked in the infobox to the left.

All addons posted to WoWI and Google Code downloads are supported. Addons checked out of my SVN trunk should be considered ALPHA and unsupported!

If you would like update notifications, subscribe to my blog

Panda is currently under development, it is ALPHA and unsupported. Use at your own risk!

Panda is a simple addon designed to help enchanters and jewelcrafters with disenchanting and prospecting. It is designed around the Dongle framework and OptionHouse centralized GUI.


  • One-click disenchanting
  • Displays DE rates for the current item
  • Displays AuctioneerAdvanced AH buyout prices for the result items, and an averaged total value. If AA isn't present, Wowhead prices are used instead.
  • Auto-loot fix for DE and prospecting (thanks GFW Disenchant Predictor for this solution)
  • Prevents accidental DE of soulbound items by forcing the user to enable bound items every session. oh noes! mah epix!
  • Access Panda via the OptionHouse button in the Options screen that appears when you click the escape key.

Planned features

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