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Paladin abilities are nearly all either mana-based or require holy power. They are split into three specializations.

Holy (healing)
Includes all healing spells, supportive seals, and spells.
Protection (tanking)
Includes spells that protect yourself and others.
Retribution (DPS)
Includes most damage-related skills.

Core abilities Edit

Crusader Strike TCG

Crusader Strike

Seal of Command TCG

Seal of Command

Hammer of Justice TCG

Hammer of Justice

Ability Min Level
Block Starts with
Crusader Strike Starts with
Parry Starts with
Seal of Command 3
Judgment 5
Hammer of Justice 7
Word of Glory 9
Righteous Fury 12
Redemption 13
Reckoning 15
Lay on Hands 16
Divine Shield 18
Cleanse 20
Divine Protection 26
Ability Min Level
Blessing of Kings 30
Seal of Insight 32
Rebuke 36
Hammer of Wrath 38
Heart of the Crusader 44
Turn Evil 46
Hand of Protection 48
Plate Specialization 50
Hand of Freedom 52
Sanctity of Battle 58
Hand of Sacrifice 80
Blessing of Might 81
Boundless Conviction 85

Glyph-taught abilities Edit

Icon Ability Source
Inv relics libramofhope [Contemplation] Glyph of Contemplation

Abilities by type Edit

Unless otherwise noted, all abilities are core class abilities.

Threat modifiers

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