Pained is a night elf that appears next to Jaina Proudmoore at all times. She is one of Jaina's main assistants in Theramore, alongside Archmage Tervosh.[2] (APG 167) She was assigned by Alliance 15 Tyrande Whisperwind to guard Jaina starting at the Battle for Mount Hyjal and although told by Jaina that she was free to leave, Pained replied, "Lady Tyrande never officially relieved me of my duty."[1] (JPToW 41)

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According to the Alliance Player's Guide, she is a scary night elf girl with a big hammer.[2] (APG 167)

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In World of Warcraft she carries a glowing sword.

In Mists of Pandaria Edit

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Jaina's assistant and guardian was apparently killed by the mana bomb that led to Theramore's Fall.

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