Overseer Nuaar can be found in Blade's Edge Mountains From [62.5, 45]
to [57.5, 37.9]
to [62.8, 27.8]
. He patrols a route that starts south east of the Evergrove and finishes north west. He is relatively easy to find by following the route he takes and using the "/target overseer" command. He's an overseer of the Wyrmcult.

Quests Edit

He needs to be killed for Neutral 15 [67] A Time for Negotiation....

Neutral 15 [68] Meeting at the Blackwing CovenEdit

According to the Inv scroll 06 [Meeting Note], starting Neutral 15 [67] Did You Get The Note?, he should meet with Kolphis Darkscale. Now the player uses a Inv chest fur [disguise] to look like him.

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