Overlord Ror

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For other uses, see Overlord (disambiguation).
CombatMob 32Overlord Ror
Orverlord Ror
Race Furbolg
Level 51
Location Felwood
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Overlord Ror is a level 51 named black Deadwood furbolg found in Deadwood Village of Felwood. Dreka'Sur wants Ror's cold, dead claw.

Ror is a bit bigger than his soldiers (3-4 Deadwood Warriors and/or Deadwood Pathfinders). He has a fear power, which has approximately 10 yards of range. This ability appears to be a random proc, and may be used multiple times in a fight. Items that prevent fear spells work normally.

Slaying him is worth 60 Reputation with Timbermaw Hold



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