Outraged Raven's Wood Sapling2

Outraged Raven's Wood Sapling attacking a member of the Wyrmcult.

Outraged Raven's Wood Sapling can be found in Achievement zone bladesedgemtns 01 Blade's Edge Mountains [30.3, 30.3]

They patrol in groups of three and attack the Wyrmcult. They are neutral to players unless attacked first.

Drops Edit

Battlemastergossipicon Level Type Slot Drop %
Spell nature rejuvenation [Imbued Leaf] 1 Junk 5%
Spell nature naturesblessing [Stonewood] 1 Junk 3%

Herbalism Edit

Trade herbalism Level Drop%
Inv misc food 96 zangarcaps [Sporeggar Mushroom] 75 32.49%
Inv misc flower 03 [Unidentified Plant Parts] 0 28.83%
Inv mushroom 12 [Small Mushroom] 1 9.83%
Inv elemental mote life01 [Mote of Life] 65 6.86%
Inv misc herb terrocone [Terocone] 60 5.26%
Inv misc herb felweed [Felweed] 60 4.80%
Inv misc herb dreamingglory [Dreaming Glory] 60 4.11%
Inv misc herb ragveil [Ragveil] 65 3.66%
Inv misc herb ancientlichen [Ancient Lichen] 68 1.60%
Inv misc herb blacklotus [Black Lotus] 60 0.22%

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