Achievement profession fishing outlandangler Neutral 15 Outland Angler 10 Money achievement
Catch fish in each of the specific nodes below.
  • Brackish Mixed School
  • Mudfish School
  • Highland Mixed School
  • Bluefish School
  • School of Darter
  • Sporefish School

Once you have fished certain fish from the pools of Outland, you earn the acheivement, Outland Angler.

Locations Edit

Brackish Mixed School: Terrokar Forest or Zangarmarsh

Mudfish School: Nagrand

Highland Mixed School: Blackwind Lake, Lake Ere'Noru, and Lake Jorune in Terokkar Forest

Bluefish School: Nagrand

School of Darter: Rivers of Terrokar Forest

Sporefish School: Lakes of Zangarmarsh

See also Edit

Trade fishing [Accomplished Angler]

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