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*[[Travel Form]]
*[[Travel Form]]
*[[Entangling Roots]]
*<s>[[Entangling Roots]]</s> (Usable indoors after patch [[3.0.2]]
*[[Nature's Grasp]]
*<s>[[Nature's Grasp]]</s> (Usable indoors after patch [[3.0.2]]

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What is "Outdoors"?Edit

Outdoors is a feature of particular areas within World of Warcraft. It is binary, so an area is either considered "outdoors" or it is not. This classification is used in determining the usage of certain abilities. With a few noteworthy exceptions, any area that is clearly part of the overworld map and the streets of capital cities, and no other areas, are considered to be "outdoors,"

Why is it Important?Edit

This classification is important as a condition for the use of certain abilities which "Can only be used outdoors." Keeping in mind that most major instances and boss fights are "indoors," this greatly reduces the group utility of abilities with that restriction.


The following is a list of all places that do not fit the above description of "outdoors," but which are nonetheless considered thus:

In addition, certain areas of the game world are bugged, allowing for the use of these abilities where not intended. While many of these are fixed swiftly, some are longstanding. The crate on the deck of the transport ships, for instance, is of the latter variety.

Affected abilities Edit

The following abilities can only be used outdoors:


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