Ornate Saronite Battlegear is a rare quality plate armor set based around Resilience and Spell Power. It is wholly crafted through the Blacksmithing tradeskill, requiring a minimum of 425 blacksmithing skill to create the entire set.

The items of the set require a minimum level of 78 to equip, but have no other requirements (outside of being able to equip plate armor). The resiliance afforded by this armor makes it of most interest to plate wearing casters in Player vs Player (PvP) scenarios. It is also useful for caster tanks for its high Stamina and for helping to reach crit immunity.

The relative availability of the materials required to craft the pieces make it good for fleshing out stats and gear pieces as well.

Set summary Edit

Ornate Saronite Stats
Item Armor Intellect Stamina Resilience Critical Strike Rating Spell Power MP5
[Ornate Saronite Bracers] 916 26 39 26 25 44 0
[Ornate Saronite Gauntlets] 1308 34 51 34 0 60 14
[Ornate Saronite Hauberk] 2093 46 69 46 46 81 0
[Ornate Saronite Legplates] 1831 46 69 46 0 81 18
[Ornate Saronite Pauldrons] 1570 34 51 34 34 60 0
[Ornate Saronite Skullshield] 1700 46 69 46 46 81 0
[Ornate Saronite Waistguard] 1177 34 51 34 0 60 14
[Ornate Saronite Walkers] 1439 34 51 34 0 60 14
Total 12034 300 450 300 151 527 60

total does not include set bonus.


Inv bracer 09
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv chest chain 15
Inv pants plate 20
Inv shoulder 92
Inv helmet 130
Inv belt 23
Inv boots chain 08

Crafting information Edit

Ornate Saronite Crafting Table
Item [Saronite Bar] [Eternal Water] [Eternal Earth] [Eternal Shadow] [Eternal Air] [Eternal Fire]
[Ornate Saronite Bracers] x12 x1
[Ornate Saronite Gauntlets] x12 x1
[Ornate Saronite Hauberk] x14 x1
[Ornate Saronite Legplates] x14 x1
[Ornate Saronite Pauldrons] x12 x1
[Ornate Saronite Skullshield] x14 x1
[Ornate Saronite Waistguard] x12 x1
[Ornate Saronite Walkers] x12 x1
Total x102 x2 x1 x2 x2 x1

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