Human male wearing the Ornate Mithril armor

An item collection. This is not a true set; there are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of this set.


Made by
Blacksmiths via the Mithril Order quest chain
Materials Required
Targeted Classes

Ornate Mithril Plate ItemsEdit

Note that the first three items are quest objectives of the last three quests.

Item Armor Rating Strength Dodge Critical Strike Learned From
[Ornate Mithril Pants] 375 12 12 0 Neutral 15 [45] Smelt On, Smelt Off
[Ornate Mithril Shoulder] 327 5 12 0 Neutral 15 [45] The Art of the Imbue
[Ornate Mithril Gloves] 268 0 0 14 Neutral 15 [45] The Great Silver Deceiver
[Ornate Mithril Boots] 324 0 12 0 Neutral 15 [45] The World At Your Feet
[Ornate Mithril Helm] 383 10 0 14 Neutral 15 [45] A Good Head on Your Shoulders
[Ornate Mithril Breastplate] 463 0 12 14 Neutral 15 [45] The Mithril Kid
Totals 2140 27 48 42

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