Inv weapon rifle 03

The Ornate Khorium Rifle is a slow ranged weapon with agility and hit rating bonuses, which is ideal for high burst damage.


The Ornate Khorium Rifle is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 375. The [Schematic: Ornate Khorium Rifle] is a Non-Binding world drop from high-level mobs and instances.

The components are:
Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube
2x [Hardened Adamantite Tube]
Inv ingot 09
12x [Khorium Bar]
Inv jewelcrafting nobletopaz 02
2x [Noble Topaz]
Inv gizmo felironbolts
4x [Handful of Fel Iron Bolts]


Broken down, the raw materials are:


When introduced, the Ornate Khorium Rifle was the slowest gun in-game.

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