Ordos[54.6, 20.8]
is a yaungol world boss found in Ordon Sanctuary on the Timeless Isle.

About Edit

Ordos was once a shaman of the Yaungol who sacrificed himself to the flame, following the promises of the Fire Lords, in order to become a demigod. His flesh is eternally seared with fires, putting him in endless agony. Yaungol Fire-Keepers ritualistically set themselves ablaze to emulate the ascension of Ordos, and cast enchantments and prayers to ease his pain.

Abilities Edit

Magma Crush
  • Inflicts 5000000 Fire damage, split evenly amongst all players within 20 yards of the target
Burning Soul
  • Inflicts 50000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 10 sec. On expiration, the player explodes, inflicting 300000 Fire damage to players within 8 yards and knocking them up.
Pool of Fire
  • Creates a pool of fire that inflicts 50000 Fire damage every 1 sec.
Ancient Flame
  • Summons an orb that inflicts 50000 Fire damage to the nearest player every 2 sec. and increases Fire damage taken by 5% for 10 sec.
Eternal Agony
  • After 5 minutes, Ordos channels all of his power into a massive ball of magma, inflicting 300000 Fire damage to all players every 1 sec.

Loot Edit

A successfull kill gives players a chance to loot (once per week) one of the items below.

Name Slot Armour type
[Aladya's Spiritfire Greathelm] Head Plate
[Anafielle's Spiked Choker] Neck Amulet
[Arielle's Ancient Legwraps] Legs Leather
[Belt of Glowing Embers] Waist Leather
[Belt of the Burning Soul] Waist Plate
[Binkenstein's Burnished Belt] Waist Mail
[Bjam's Blasting Bracers] Wrist Cloth
[Bladeforger Necklace] Neck Amulet
[Bo He Me's Deathwind Mantle] Shoulder Cloth
[Bowflight Wristguard] Wrist Mail
[Bracers of Simmering Fury] Wrist Leather
[Bracers of Unquestioning Belief] Wrist Plate
[Buc-Zakai Burning Hood] Head Cloth
[Burnseal Bracers] Wrist Leather
[Catia's Flowing Robes] Chest Cloth
[Chestguard of Pyrrhic Immolation] Chest Mail
[Circlet of the Panser] Head Leather
[Crest of Burning Deeds] Head Mail
[Damien's Ice-Vein Mask] Head Cloth
[Derevka's Gleaming Girdle] Wrist Cloth
[Desirae's Dashing Leggings] Legs Mail
[Dominik's Casque of Raging Flame] Head Plate
[Firearrow Shoulderpads] Shoulder Mail
[Firetotem Bracers] Wrist Mail
[Flame Healer's Shoulderguards] Shoulder Leather
[Flame-Scarred Cache of Offerings] NA NA
[Fleshsmoke Chain Shoulders] Shoulder Mail
[Gleaming Eye Spellplate] Chest Plate
[Greatbelt of the Crendor] Waist Plate
[Hamlet's Wind-Whipped Leggings] Legs Leather
[Hoodrych's Bloodied Chestplate] Chest Plate
[Light Kindler Waistguard] Waist Mail
[Magdalena's Murderous Crown] Head Plate
[Magmaplates of Jian Wu Xi Feng] Legs Plate
[Moonhee's Mean Vest] Chest Mail
[Moshne's Keen Kilt] Legs Mail
[Olivia's Graceful Gaze] Head Mail
[Omegal's Crushing Carapace] Chest Plate
[Ordosian Cultist's Bracers] Wrists Plate
[Pamela's Muuscat Wrap] Head Leather
[Partik's Purified Legplates] Legs Plate
[Paululum's Doodled Wraps] Wrist Cloth
[Penate's Perilous Pendant] Neck Amulet
[Poxleitner's Leggings of Lights] Legs Plate
[Remnar's Ruinous Girdle] Waist Plate
[Rising New Moon Talisman] Neck Amulet
[Rossi's Rosin-Soaked Shoulderplates] Shoulder Plate
[Shay-Nii's Popping Shoulderpads] Shoulder Cloth
[Shipley's Shady Silks] Legs Cloth
[Smoldering Eye] Neck Amulet

Notes Edit

  • Obtaining a legendary cloak through the Wrathion legendary quest line allows all characters on that account to face Ordos.

At level 100 Edit

A group of 10-15 well geared level 100 characters should be able to kill Ordos,but coordination may be necessary. With a set of mythic Hellfire citadel armor,he should be defeatable with 2-3 players.

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