Orabus the Helmsman is a kvaldir lieutenant who directed the initial incursion against the tuskarr at Pal'ea. He oversaw the destruction of both villages and then disappeared into the mist. Orabus gifted the Kvaldir Mistweavers with a horn that could be used to summon him should the need arise.

Waltor wants players to get the horn from the mistweavers to call forth Orabus and destroy him, with the chance of making the Kvaldir savages to retreat.[1]

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Opening Quote:

  • The Helmsman comes for you!

Quotes yelled when fighting the Crewmen:

  • Crewman, show this ant the might of the Kvaldir!
  • Crewman, tear this land walker apart!

Quote yelled after slaying all crewmen:

  • Now you face Orabus, fool!

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  • A Kvaldir boat carrying Orabus docks on the Warsong Jetty in front of you. He will call upon his four Kvaldir Crewman, forcing you to fight them one by one, before entering the fray himself.

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