Opus is a neutral level 40 parrot found at Flame Crest in the Achievement zone burningsteppes 01 Burning Steppes [65.6, 22.9].

Quotes Edit

Opus has a variety of quotes.

  • "SQUAWK!! *cough* *cough* I need to quit smoking!"
  • "They all go to the Spire but none ever comes back... just like Bijou."
  • "Bijou knows where treasures are hidden."
  • "Bijou lost! SQUAWK! *cough*"
  • "Kibler is being investigated by G.E.T.A."
  • "Opus wants some Cuergo's Gold... with worm."
  • "Dragons controlling orcs!? SQUAWK!"
  • "Ask Kibler about the treasure! SQUAWK!

Images Edit

Opus can spawn with different colors. The reason to this is unknown.

External linksEdit

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